Hospital admissions

Information regarding hospital admissions

Admission procedures

Please come to the no. 3 hospital admission reception counter located on the first floor.
We will hand you the hospital admission application form.

We will ask for your patient ID card, your national insurance card, and your seal (hanko) at the counter. Please also hand in medical care certificates for the elderly, children's medical support benefits card, and/or certificates indicating that you are a publicly-funded healthcare beneficiary, if you have any at hand.

Items to bring

Items you will need to bring

Please follow the checklist regarding items to bring with you on the day of your admission

Checklist of items to bring with you on the day of your admission

Items to leave at home

Your time at this hospital is for treatment and recuperation. Please refrain from bringing items that are unnecessary, such as personal ornaments or excessive cash, especially to prevent risks of burglary during your stay.

Regarding meals

A specialized nutrition has decided the meals during your admission under the instructions regarding calories and nutritional balance from your attending physician.
Please refrain from bringing your own food or snacking in between meals to prevent food poisoning.
If you have any food allergies please inform the hospital at the time of your admission.
We will ask for your preference in meals approximately fives times during the week.

Regarding your daily life during your admission

All hospital staff will attend you with the hope that you will recover and return to your daily life as soon as possible, and we ask for your cooperation to achieve this.

General notices and useful information

A physician will come see you every day except for on weekends. We ask for the patient to wait in their room.

We may ask for you to change rooms or wards during your admission due to your symptoms or for other reasons. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

We ask you to dispose your trash by following the rules decided by the city of Yokosuka. (Please ask the hospital staff if you have any questions.)

You will need permission from your attending physician if you wish to leave the hospital grounds or stay out overnight. Please ask the nurse for permission form and fill out the necessary details. In addition, please always inform the nurse when you are leaving or when you return to the hospital.

Please respect the hospital building and equipment, and handle them with care.

You may use the coin laundry machines located within the hospital ward to wash your clothes.

If you wish to use the TV, please purchase a TV card from a vending machine located in the elevator hall of the ward (the machine will only accept 1,000 yen notes).

Please refrain from the following

No smoking is allowed on the hospital premises. Please refrain from smoking while within the hospital grounds.

In addition, we ask that you cancel the noise on your cell phone and keep it on manner mode during your time at the hospital, and only use it in areas designated for cell phone use. Please switch off your cell phone when in areas where cell phone usage is prohibited. Please understand that the PHSs (mobiles) used by the hospital staff have no effect on medical equipment. Please ask the hospital staff about the areas mentioned above.

Please refrain from parking if you are a patient admitted to this hospital.

In emergency situations

Please follow the directions from the hospital staff, and evacuate the hospital in emergency cases such as fires.
Although the staff will explain about evacuation routes, please also check the directions and hospital map yourself.

Regarding visits to patients admitted to this hospital

Please respect and follow the schedule shown below. We may need to decline your visit depending on the patient’s diagnosis.
Please take extra precaution of infections and other potential consequences when bringing a child to visit a patient at this hospital.

[Visiting hours]
Weekdays (Mon~Fri): 3pm - 8pm
Weekends and holidays: 1pm - 8pm

Regarding attendants

We do not require attendants at this hospital.
Attendants will be permitted only if you wish to have a family member attend you for specific reasons, or if your attending physician decides you will need an attendant based on your diagnosis. Please consult a nurse beforehand.
We will provide a bed and sleepwear necessary for the attendant’s stay for free.

Regarding fees for hospital admissions

We will calculate the fees necessary for your hospital admission based on the rules of your healthcare insurance. Patient burdens will differ depending on the type of insurance you are covered under. Please ask the medical affairs window no. 3 for more details.

Regular deliveries and/or preventative procedures, medical checkups will not be covered by healthcare insurances.
Treatment for vehicle accidents and work-related injuries are also not covered by healthcare insurance.

Please inquire the hospital staff for more details.