Outpatient department

Information regarding the outpatient department

Outpatient consultation days & time

Outpatient consultation days Monday ~ Saturday
*Consultation on Saturdays may vary by department, therefore please check the schedule regarding outpatient consultations
Consultation hours for first-time patients 8:30am - 11:30 am
Non-consultation days Sundays, national holidays, new year holidays
Tel 046-823-2630 (representative / switchboard)

*Consultation hours may vary by department, therefore please call the hospital if you wish to make an appointment, or make any changes to an appointment already made.

Fee for Treatment of Patients' Choice

For first-time patients who visit this hospital without a referral letter from another clinic or hospital, we will charge a fee of 5,400yen (not covered by health insurance, including tax) for treatment of patient’s choice, in addition to your medical fees.
This fee is required for all first-time patients who do not have a referral, due to the policy by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which was made to coordinate the allocation of functions and activities among medical institutions. We therefore ask patients to bring referral letters if possible.

The following patients will be considered as first-time patients that must pay the fee for treatment of patient’s choice:

  • Patients who are visiting this hospital for the first-time
  • Patients who visited the hospital before, but are not currently seeing any doctors here (usually for patients who have not visited this hospital during the past three months)
  • Patients who received a referral letter from another medical institution but forgot to bring it on the day of their consultation.

The following patients will not be charged with the fee for treatment of patient’s choice, even if it is their first time visiting this hospital:

  • Patients who have referral letters from another medical institution
  • Patients who are currently receiving treatment for chronic diseases
  • Patients who are beneficiaries of public welfare services
  • Patients who are visiting another department at this hospital
  • Patients who have been injured due to their work or while on public duty
  • Patients who are in emergency situations or who have been transported to this hospital by an ambulance

Specialized outpatient departments

General internal medicine Asbestos diseases clinic, Tobacco cessation clinic
Psychiatry Dementia clinic
Pediatrics Premature babies, newborns, Neurology, Pediatric surgery, Pediatric cardiology, Nephrology, Allergy
Cardiovascular Surgery Footwear clinic